Guide ID X119 Published 6/8/2000
Set ID 820 Version 004010
Name Rental Management Remittance Advice for Vehicle Replacement Rentals
Purpose The Rental Management Remittance Advice and Application Advice for Vehicle Replacement Implementation Guide describes the use of the ANSI ASC X12 Payment Order/Remittance Advice (820) transaction set for the following business usage:
  • To send payment information from the insurance company to the rental company on rental invoices for vehicle replacement

The insurance company uses the 820 to send payment information to the rental company on the rental invoices for the replacement of a vehicle. The 820 may be included as addenda records with an ACH (CTX) electronic payment transaction originated by the insurance company to the rental company's financial institution. The 820 may be sent separately from the funds as well. The 824 is used to handle error processing.